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Image sets, animations and games with all of your favorite girls, from game characters to originals.


Pretty, gorgeous, glamorous and stunning, these girls are here to please you.


Futa, dickgirl, non-futa, futa on female, female on female. It’s all here for your viewing pleasure.


I’m Forged3DX and this is my website.

Thank you for visiting. Here you can find all of my previous and upcoming works. You can view all of my image sets, animations and games here. Below is also a roadmap of what is to come in terms what I will be adding to the site and where my near future will lead in terms of my art.

How it works

I’ve integrated Patreon with my site for ease of use. The way it works is you can view all of my works on the Posts page for free. If you’d like to see more images of a certain set, you can log in to your Patreon account on your device and if you are a member of mine it will automatically unlock everything on my site according to the tier you’re pledging at.

The future

I’m always looking at what I can do next to advance at what I’m doing for you, the supporters. At the moment, I’m looking at using my models to create another game. Between rendering image sets I’ve found time to learn some coding and game design so hopefully it won’t be too long before you can come here to download a new game.

Also, I’m looking at alternatives and new software that will allow me to use my models and techniques for a more streamlined animating experience to bring to you more in-depth short film and looping animations.

Thank you

I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who support what I’m doing. I started a few years ago rendering these images as just a hobby and something to do in my spare time. It has turned into something I never thought would happen. You are all amazing and I appreciate the support more than you could ever imagine.

If you have any ideas, questions, comments or even just want to say hello, fill out the contact form on my site and I will happily get back to you.

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